Saturday, December 8, 2007

Where is your favorite place?

Do you have a favorite place to watch web video (i.e. "Pink" and other shows)?

There are a myriad of places to view content. So far we've found YouTube to be our best venue - as far as sheer numbers. But I'd say Revver has the best Flash video compression and Blip.TV has the highest res viewing capabilties (in the standard def world - we haven't released the show in HD). Blip.TV actually lets you watch the show in the original H.264 (MPEG 4 video) or Flash. This is pretty cool.

Myspace has surprisingly provided our smallest viewing numbers. Great place to network, but not so good (yet) for viewership.

In the previous post it was mentioned that a lot of web viewers are NOT used to a serialized online show. They're used to "one hit wonder" videos (of course advertisers are not interested in one video - they like a series). I think this is starting to change and will definitely change over the next few years (or even months).

In January you'll see a slew of web series being released. We personally know of half dozen with a lot of them being produced by Hollywood studios (or at least arms of the big boy studios).

Right now this is the Wild West. There are really very few rules. No one really knows how to make money yet (but they're close). And no one's completely sure what will work (they have ideas of course). So, it will be very interesting to watch this new platform mature.

Of course we hope "Pink" is right in the middle of it, or even better at the very top. :)


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Me I search the Web for my favorite tv series to watch it online. There's no specific place.

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