Sunday, May 18, 2008

PINK Post-production

We're now deep into post-production on the next 25 episodes. Our new tentative release date is AUGUST. Don't have an exact date yet, but will announce it when we do.

A lot of exciting things happening right now behind-the-scenes. We will have a very cool announcement soon about a big event in July to promote the series.

We will also likely have a new teaser trailer online soon, so please check back in the near future for updates.


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Webby Honoree for Best Drama Series

We've been so busy shooting the new season of "Pink" - and trying to get the word out on our Webby Nominee for Best Drama: Individual Episode - that we failed to mention we already won an Honoree Award for Best Drama Series.

Check it out

Okay, okay, so it's not an nomination or a win, but it is a pretty cool deal. With over 10,000 entries they selected the top 15% for the Honoree Award. So we'll take it!

In just three short days on May 6th we'll know if we won the Webby for Episode 7 "Feels Like the First Time", and we'll know about the Webby People's Voice Award.

Last thing on award talk - we've got a chance for an Emmy nomination too. The main awards were announced last week and they'll announce the new media ones very soon. Our collective fingers are definitely crossed. :)

UPDATE 5/18/08: Well, we didn't win the Webby Award - but we are very happy to be nominated and an Honoree. We also didn't get nominated for an Emmy. But just wait until next season! :)

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