Friday, November 30, 2007

Being Featured on YouTube

Does being "Featured" on YouTube guarantee success for your video or show?

I would say NO, with a caveat. Just because you get featured does not mean viewers will LIKE your video or watch MORE of your videos. Does being Featured help a lot? Absolutely. So that's the caveat. You'll get considerbly more traffic to your video(s) by being featured, no question about it. But that does not mean they'll be repeat viewers, and for a web series this is vital.

Of course my personal opinion is the YouTube audience is NOT used to web series. They are used to "one hit wonder" videos. Some guy catching a bowling ball in his crotch or a cat with his tail hooked around a ceiling fan blade. Not that there's anything wrong with these, they just don't typically create repeat viewers (of course most of these videomakers don't have additional videos either).

For a web series (or a TV show or movie) story is KING. So without a good story, compelling characters, and excellent production value you will likely not build an audience.

But, being Featured on YouTube definitely helps your chances for success. :)


simonb said...

Blake, some real stand out stuff you got. and I am glad to have run across your work. And most impressively all from Dallas. Your visuals are solid and confidently edited. I will be watching with great interest how this plays out for you. I am also interested in knowing if and how you your regular day gig has been affected by the you tube popularity. Such as getting some commercial offers etc. Basically, how has all of this affected your bottom line.

Blake Calhoun said...

Hey Simon, thanks for watching the series and thanks for the comments. Main thing that has happened is the show (and myself and the other creators) got repped by United Talent Agency, so we're now getting to meet a lot of film industry players - and it's opening a lot of door for "Pink" and other projects. My "day job" is still doing commercial and corporate work, but hopefully sooner than later that will change. Although it's not a bad gig as is. :)

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