Friday, March 16, 2012

JTS.TV and New Series "Continuum"

A new sci-fi series from the creators of PINK - called Continuum - is now playing at JTS.TV. This is a new online indie TV network... think Netflix meets HBO for independent web series. It's a subscription-based site that is only $3.99/mo. or $39.99/year. And the content creators get 50% of the revenues, so it's very filmmaker friendly.

Currently there are 4 episodes of Continuum on the site, with new episodes rolling out each Tuesday. And, there are also a dozen or so other series on there that you'll have full access to - on your computer, phone, tablet and coming soon Roku box for your TV.

You can do a Free Trial here of the full site: 

Or if you'd prefer to just watch a free Continuum episode and then (hopefully) sign up please go here: 

We know money is tight these days and there are tons of entertainment choices out there, but we think you'll find this to be an affordable fun alternative (plus you get to support some cool indie work!). :)

Thank you in advance and we hope you check it out!

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