Wednesday, August 19, 2009

NEW: Koldcast Studios

Koldcast TV is a player in the Web TV distro business, and now they're stepping in to the productiong side of things opening a studio to create original programming.

This is a great thing for New Media in our opinion, but the pioneers before them have died a quick death... 60Frames anyone? However, since Koldcast already has a nice sized audience to their destination site ( they have a head start on the competition, and not to mention a very driven and enthusiastic founder/CEO in David Samuels. That's probably the biggest part.

Our show "Pink" of course plays on the Koldcast site along with the series "88 Hits" from director Blake Calhoun, and we plan on pitching some other shows to them in the future.

Read the story here from Tubefilter.

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