Saturday, March 14, 2009

Streamy Awards Nominations

"Pink" has been honored at the 1st Annual Streamy Awards by being nominated twice for two awards. First one is Best Directing in a Dramatic Web Series and the second one Best Cinematography in a Web Series.

This new event is being pushed as "The Oscars for the Internet". So, it's prett cool. Nominations came from the newly created International Academy of Web Television from over 100,000 submissions.

The ceremony will be held at the WGA Theater in Beverly Hills on March 28th. It will also be streamed live online (we'll let folks know where soon).

In the cinematography category we're up against JOSS WHEDON'S "DR. HORRIBLE"... that is some tough competition. Who knows how we'll do, but as they saying goes, it's just an honor to be nominated. :)

Here's a direct link to all the nominees:

Wish us luck!!!

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