Tuesday, November 18, 2008

PINK on Vimeo

Filmmakers out there likely know about Vimeo.com, but others may not. It's a really cool video sharing site that allows HD uploads - one of the only ones we know of with this feature (you can also embed the video files on other sites). The viewership on Vimeo seems to mainly be other like-minded filmmakers and artists, etc. - not necessarily "regular video joes", but they have around 1 million registered users we've been told (a fraction compared to YouTube). But nonetheless it is a great place to see creative works and get feeback on your own stuff.

We've held off putting PINK on there since we've been releasing our HD content through Vuze.com. But we've decided to go ahead and put a few episodes on Vimeo as "samples" of the series - and to showcase what can be done with the great filmmaking tools we're using (ie. Canon XH-A1 camera, Canon HV20 camera, Letus Extreme 35mm adapter, etc.).

You can check it out here:

Or the show is also on the Vimeo HV20 page (thanks Eugenia):

Again, it is in an HD Flash player, which is very cool. You can play it fullscreen or even embed it on your website, blog, etc. like this:

PINK 2: Daddy's Little Girl from Blake Calhoun on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

It's hard for me to keep interest; the episodes are too short, and they are spaced a week apart. I can't easily keep track of the story, it really requires an effort to want to see the show. It often feels like it's all intro and outro.
(It looks like you have it all shot already, I wish there was a feed with 20 minutes or more segments)

btw, as you may know there was a burp on the rss itunes feed and it downloaded an older episode a few days ago.


There are compilatons from Season 1 on Revver, which are linked to our website on the "Webisode" page. And we're about to release a compilation for Season 2 on YouTube, etc. They will play 5 episodes back-to-back, or about 15-20 minutes of content each. And, the series will be available on DVD likely in spring 2009. Thanks for watching!

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