Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Web Series: Here to Stay?

Are web series here to stay? Or just a passing fad. We're not sure.

Of course the short serialized film format has been around for many years. Back in the 1940s and 50s theaters would show weekly serialized short films before feature films. "Zorro", etc. use to be very popular and get kids back to the theater the next Saturday. And actually, these serials were the inspiration for George Lucas to create "Indiana Jones". So the idea or concept is not really new.

What is "new" is the space they're working in now: the Internet.

Recent polls say people are willing to spend more time watching video online, even feature films now (probably due partly to broadband and higher quality computer screens and mobile devices). This is great, but does that mean they don't want short serialized web content too?

It's been said that watching something 7-minutes long on the web is like reading War and Peace. What do you think?

Of course we are finding that fans of PINK are willing to watch longer episodes or should we say often request longer episodes. In the near future we will release the shows on a DVD (and likely Blu-Ray) and they'll all play back-to-back, which will work well for this style of serialized mythology (should play like a movie).

But in the meantime the webisodes will keep on coming...

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