Wednesday, March 5, 2008

PINK Press - Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Etc.

Thought we'd shared some cool press...

"Pink" was recently acquired by Santa Monica-based company Generate, run by former WB Network CEO Jordan Levin. We're now gearing up to produce 25 more episodes to be released over the summer...

Hollywood Reporter:



Broadcasting & Cable Magazine:


TV Week:

Best thing about this deal for us is we still control the content of the show and we get the expertise and guidance of veteran Hollywood folks (without being a Hollywood studio deal).

Of course Generate is a "Hollywood" entity run by "Hollywood" execs, but the show will still be produced as an indie (and in reality it is an indie since we're not financed by a large studio). Should be a fun ride!

If you haven't seen "Pink" please check it out. First 10 episodes are online now.


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